Words from Dr. Larson about health optimization and personalized high-performance health.

I am a very active Neurosurgeon, inventor, teacher, family man, athlete, and pilot.  I have a busy Neurosurgery practice in the hospital, the clinic, and the outpatient ambulatory surgery center.  I specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery including micro-decompressions, artificial disc replacement surgery, and fusion.  I have inventions used to fix degenerative spines.  I have always tried to optimize my own health. 

My story isn’t one of a life-threatening disaster taking me to a tipping point where I woke up one day and realized I was in such poor health that I had to make dramatic changes.  It is more straight forward than that.  I have always tried to maintain my health and have been very fortunate in that regard.

I’ve been a competitive endurance athlete in rowing and biking, and more recently in running.  In 2017 I qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon.  This was a fabulous experience.  I continued running and had a knee injury in the Moab Half Marathon in 2021.   I researched options to address my injury and get back to my usual performance and I realized after talking to various orthopedic surgeons that all they were capable of doing was fixing something that was broken.  Treat the disease.  Bring it back to “baseline” or close to where it was before the injury.  There was nothing to address the underlying problem.  No discussion about the deeper cellular basis of the problem.  Well fortunately this was only an orthopedic injury and not something more central and drastic. 

I went on to treat my knee injury with a regenerative injection to promote cellular healing and combined that with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Red Light Therapy to try to amplify the natural healing process.  It worked.  Today I am running, skiing, playing hockey, and playing tennis and could not tell you what knee I injured.

This was my lightbulb. My aha. My scientific mind took me down the rabbit hole of health optimization, cellular biology, genetics, performance, and longevity.  I found a real passion and purpose for this health optimization approach as I transformed my own health, along with my knee, to a peak performance level.

I started sharing this concept with my friends, my family, and my patients and they were having amazing results.  That got me to where I am now where I took the transformational step of opening M3 Clinic – Mind Matter Method, a health optimization clinic to help you gain your peak performance.