Later in life you may find yourself inhibited by not only your back pain, but also difficulty walking any distance, gardening, golfing, hunting, or exercising.  Virtually any activity.  You try a variety of exercises, massage, and rest.  Your doctor may even prescribe physical therapy or chiropractic treatments.  Unfortunately none of these modalities help you achieve the sustained performance you need to live like you want to live.  You get a lumbar MRI that shows degenerative disc disease and stenosis or nerve root compression.  Your doctor refers you to a neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine surgeon and you are now considering a big surgery to try to get better.  

This is the time more than ever to take the role of “CEO of your health care” and and take control of your treatment decisions.

Dr. Larson’s “The Perfect Laminectomy” procedure is a solution for lumbar stenosis with radiculopathy or neurogenic claudication that often eliminates the need for a wide open laminectomy or a lumbar fusion.

Steps tO The Perfect Laminectomy

Step 1:  Minimally invasive surgical approach to lumbar stenosis segment.

Step 3:  Bone marrow aspirate and preparation of autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).

Step 2:  Microneurosurgical decompression of affected nerve root(s).

Step 4:  Disc space rejuvination with stem cells.