FLASH Navigation with 7D Technology

What Is FLASH Navigation

SeaSpine’s Flash Navigation System with 7D Technology is the first system to feature Machine-Vision technology for spine surgery. Originally developed by 7D Surgical, this new technology employs cutting-edge 3D optical technologies and machine-vision algorithms to eliminate the long-standing barriers to adoption of existing surgical navigational platforms. The FLASH Navigation System can easily register spinal surgery patients automatically in an unprecedented entire workflow time of less than 20 seconds, while also eliminating intraoperative radiation. The Proprietary Machine-Vision technology is embedded in an on-board overhead surgical light, which eliminates line of sight frustrations in the operating room, and along with foot pedal control of the software, puts the surgeon in total control.

To summarize:

No Radiation – Eliminates all intra-operative radiation associated with navigation
Instant FLASH™ Registration – Uses only visible light to enable a stunningly fast 20 second workflow
Instant Flash™ Fix – Re-registration at any time with just a foot pedal click
Segmental Registration – Maintains accuracy from level to level , regardless of patient or intraoperative movement.
No More Line of Sight Issues – Registration and tracking components are embedded in an on-board surgical light
Sterile System Control – Puts surgeons back in control

Machine-Vision Technology for Spine Surgery

Activated by the surgeon, SeaSpine’s FLASH Navigation System with 7D Technology utilizes it’s Machine-Vision cameras and algorithms to analyze surface anatomy in just seconds, using only visible light. This analysis produces a full-color 3D reconstruction of the surgical site consisting of hundreds of thousands of points used for registration. The surgeon then defines the level of surgical interest and the registration points are colocalized to the pre-operative CT.



FLASH Navigation – Fast, accurate, cost-effective and radiation-free.

With SeaSpine’s Surgical’s FLASH Navigation System with 7D Technology  — the first navigation platform that uses only visible light to register patients in seconds. No intraoperative radiating devices. No need for surgeons to alter surgical work flows.

Fast: FLASH™ Registration at the speed of light.

  • Instant FLASH™ Registration enables complete patient registration in just seconds
  • Sensitive Machine-Vision cameras instantly digitize intraoperative anatomy using only visible light and automatically match with pre-operative CT
  • Real-time implant sizing during surgery reduces the need for pre-op planning

Radiation-free: Improved safety. For surgeons, staff and patients.

  • Eliminates intra-operative CT or fluoroscopy used for registration
  • Reduces radiation exposure

Accurate: Segmental registration provides accuracy at every level.

  • Surgeons can choose to register each vertebral level to eliminate any inaccuracies caused by intersegmental movement, or register multiple levels at once when movement is not a concern
  • Segmental deflection during tool cannulation is no longer a concern as it is with older technologies using volumetric registration
  • Effortless accuracy in the more pliable thoracic and cervical regions

Easy: Sterile surgeon control.

  • Just a few clicks of the surgeon-controlled foot pedal completes the entire workflow
  • Eliminate line of sight issues, as Machine-Vision and Tool-tracking cameras are embedded in the surgical light
  • Reduce reliance on specially trained staff and vendor representatives