Perfect Disc Solutions – Jeffrey Larson, MD

Disc injury and subsequent degenerative disc disease is a major component of low back pain and disability. Advanced treatment techniques now include both cellular and surgical options to intervene in the degenerative disc cascade. It is becoming apparent that if disc degeneration is allowed to progress unchecked over time, that back pain and disability progress as well. 

“Perfect Disc Solutions” is a collection of treatments designed by Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Larson.  Dr. Larson has combined science and surgery to address the various levels of degenerative disc disease, from simple disc injury to more complex disc failure and instability. 

Treating Your Back Pain

Proper treatment of low back pain starts with identifying the sources of your pain through an accurate diagnoses.

Getting an accurate diagnosis is often more challenging than the treatment itself.

It is wrong to assume that an abnormal imaging finding alone is the exact source of your pain.

There are key diagnostic steps necessary to determine how much of your pain relates to any anatomic abnormality, and therefore, how much pain relief you should expect if you correct the abnormality. 

Dr. Larson uses an analytical approach to diagnosis that includes proven clinical and scientific methods. Dr. Larson’s level of detail and experience gives you the best chance of proper diagnoses and treatment. 

Dr. Larson has 30 plus years of Neurosurgery training and clinical experience to enhance his diagnostic skill set.