StealthStation Surgical Navigation System



What is the StealthStation Surgical Navigation System?

The StealthStation™ S8 surgical navigation system enables Dr. Larson to precisely track the location of surgical instruments throughout a procedure. The StealthStation™ S8 system introduces the most advanced version of Stealth technology — a combination of hardware, software, tracking algorithms, image data merging, and specialized instruments that help guide Dr Larson during your surgical procedure.

The StealthStation™ System is used to precisely locate anatomical structures in either open or percutaneous procedures. The StealthStation™ System is indicated for any medical condition in which the use of stereotactic surgery may be appropriate, and where reference to a rigid anatomical structure, such as the skull, a long bone, or vertebra, can be identified relative to a CT or MR based model, fluoroscopy images, or digitized landmarks of the anatomy.

What Procedures Is The StealthStation Surgical Navigation System Used For?

  • Biopsy
  • Tumor resection
  • Catheter placement
  • Deep brain stimulation lead placement
  • Spine decompression or fusion (including, but not limited to ACDF, ALIF PLIF, TLIF, cortical screw placement)
  • Treatment for spinal or sacral trauma (including, but not limited to, vertebroplasty,sacroplasty )
  • Spinal or pelvic fixation (including, but not limited to, SI fixation, placement of occipital pedicle, cortical, facet screws, fixation for scoliosis, kyphosis, or other deformity )

Why the StealthStation Surgical Navigation System is Beneficial For You

Advances in imaging have illuminated the complex landscape of the human brain and spine like never before. The StealthStation Surgical Navigation System allows Dr. Larson to visualize your anatomy in 3D by using intra-operative scans and localization of surgical instruments.

The pre-op exam gives Dr. Larson critical information in planning for surgery, and the StealthStation brings the data to life by giving Dr. Larson the ability to navigate the nuances of your anatomy in the OR giving you the best possible care. 

Surgical Navigation and Imaging at its finest with the StealthStation Surgical Navigation System.