“If you have ever experienced a lumbar disc herniation you understand all too well the debilitating effects of a spine crisis – and the frustrating state of your health system.”

First the low back pain downgrades your personal and professional performance.  Next comes the lower extremity pain and weakness, and in some extreme situations, even bowel, bladder, and sexual function problems.  Your personal, family, and professional life get put on indefinite hold because of your low back.  You are suffering the effects of a spine crisis.

You go to the Urgent Care or call or visit your doctor – you enter the typical health system.  You try everything you are instructed to do and quickly learn that this health system is not designed to optimize your health or your results.  It’s inefficient, expensive, time consuming, largely ineffective, and frustrating. 

It’s time to take control of your health and become CEO of your health care.

As CEO, you decide what is best for you, not your health insurance company.

Take the next step and contact world class neurosurgeon Dr. Larson.  Get prompt and efficient attention to your spine condition.  Learn more about Dr. Larson’s evaluation and treatment options specific to you, including diagnostic injections, non-operative treatments, biologic regenerative injections, and minimally invasive surgery including the innovative “Perfect Discectomy”.

Dr. Larson is the doctor’s doctor, the athlete’s doctor, the injured worker’s doctor, the motor vehicle accident victim’s doctor, and the community’s doctor.  He has been dubbed, “the mind that diagnoses you and the hands that heal you”.  Dr. Larson has the training, the experience, and the gifted skill set to not only guide you to a correct diagnosis, but also to deliver an effective treatment solution for your disc herniation or other spine problem.

“I know that acute or chronic lumbar disc herniation is a life altering crisis that deserves immediate and accurate attention. No matter where you live, near or far you may consult with me in person, or by telehealth.”  – Dr. Larson

In this video Dr. Larson describes his “Perfect Discectomy” technique, and the difference between a disc bulge and disc herniation.  He also demonstrates his   “Perfect Discectomy” technique. 

Dr. Larson is now offering surgery in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Park City, Utah.

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Understanding disc herniation, disc bulge, and stenosis.

A disc is a fibrocartilaginous cushion sitting between two vertebrae.  Each disc has a fibrous ring containing a cartilaginous center.  This construct allows cushioning and motion.  As a disc ages, deteriorates, or gets injured, in may compress, lose height, and bulge.  Although these degenerative or bulging discs may be extremely painful, Dr. Larson is often able to successfully treat these without surgery using a variety of non-operative techniques or biologic regenerative injections.

When a disc herniates or ruptures, it’s a different ball game.  Now the cartilage has herniated or ruptured through the fibrous outer ring or annulus, and the expelled or sequestered cartilage compresses the spinal cord, the thecal sac, or a nerve.  You now are in the midst of a spine crisis that may need more immediate attention.

This is when its time to consider surgery, and possibly – the perfect discectomy.




Annulus Repair


Stem Cell/PRP

Dr. Larson’s “Perfect Discectomy” is intuitively obvious – Remove the herniated disc, repair the annular defect, and restore the cartilaginous center with an autologous Stem Cell or PRP injection.