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CDA Spine and Brain, M3 Clinic CDA, and Dr. Jeffrey Larson, MD function together to offer a unique performance spine health program – aka JL Performance Health, providing personalized and advanced treatment options to help you reach your optimum spine performance and function. This individualized approach to spine care is your chance to treat your spine problem to return to normal activity without pain. You are unique, so your care must also be one-of-a-kind.

JL Performance Health is positively changing the cellular medicine treatment landscape in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We offer advanced autologous cellular medicine therapies, including stem cell therapy, in state of the art health care facilities, without having to go outside the U.S.

Dr. Larson offers cutting edge minimally invasive spine surgery, cellular medicine treatments including stem cell therapy, and combined spine surgery and cellular medicine therapy.

“I have been using stem cells in my spine surgeries for more than 25 years – and now I’m pleased to offer stem cell therapy and other biologic and cellular injections to treat back pain and joint pain related to injury, degenerative disc disease, and arthritic conditions”. – Jeffrey Larson, M.D.

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ADR (Artificial Disc Replacement)

Dr. Larson Specializes in Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery (ADR) During disc replacement surgery, Dr. Larson removes your damaged disc and replaces it with an artificial disc. The goals of total disc replacement surgery are to maintain spinal balance and motion, reduce adjacent level degeneration and allow patients to get back to activities of daily living.

Combined minimally invasive spine surgery and cellular medicine. 

“Advanced microneurosurgery and stem cell therapy used together to alleviate back pain and preserve motion”

The Perfect Disc: Remove the herniated disc fragment to relieve the pinched nerve, repair the annular defect, and restore the remaining disc with a cellular injection to promote the natural healing of your disc.

Lumbar Decompression and Disc Space Regeneration: Microneurosurgical laminectomy, medial facetectomy, and foraminotomy combined with a stem cell injection to the degenerative disc.

Stem Cell Therapy

JL Performance Health uses safe and proven minimally invasive techniques to harvest, process, and deploy your autologous stem cells following FDA guidelines.

Regenerative Medicine

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Red Light Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

How Dr. Larson used Cellular Medicine to heal a knee injury and go on to compete in the Boston Marathon.

“I have enjoyed endurance sports for most of my life, most notably collegiate and post-collegiate rowing, cycling, and endurance mountain biking. Not too long ago I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The problem was I had a bad knee and I was not much of a runner at the time. Putting that aside I contacted an old coach who put together a training program directed at qualifying for and then competing in the Boston Marathon, which I did successfully in 2017. This was hard on my knee which I had injured years earlier. I worked with a sports medicine physician getting cellular medicine injections during the training, and I then got a stem cell injection after the race. To this day I honestly could not tell you which knee I had injured. This further fueled my interests in cellular medicine therapies and regenerative medicine techniques which Inow offer at my clinic.”